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Taormina, Wednesday 18 October 2023
Carrie and Scott, Georgia, USA

"In the beautiful and historic town of Taormina, Italy, during the charming month of October 2023, Scott and I were blessed to have Isabella orchestrate our wedding, a day that seamlessly transformed into an unforgettable collection of lifelong memories.
The journey began the day prior with a serene and joyous beach day, perfectly organized by Isabella, setting the tone for what was to unfold.
Our ceremony, planned in the picturesque courtyard of the 14th-century Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano, faced an unexpected turn of the weather. With a sprinkle in the air, Isabella, in her characteristic foresight and attention to detail, seamlessly transitioned the ceremony indoors.
This swift adaptation revealed the hidden charm of the palazzo’s interiors, where the ancient walls, adorned with vibrant floral arrangements, created an unexpectedly perfect backdrop, making us realize that sometimes, the unexpected can bring the most joy.Isabella's involvement was far more than professional; it was deeply personal and caring.
She didn't just plan a wedding; she curated an experience that mirrored our essence – intimate, relaxed, and naturally full of enjoyment.
The ease of planning was remarkable, as Isabella expertly arranged for the finest vendors.
Each choice she made — from the florist's stunning arrangements, the exquisite photography, to the seamless transportation for our guests, and the spirited folk band leading our street parade — was a testament to her understanding of us, our wishes, and the essence of our relationship.
The reception at La Plage Resort was the epitome of celebration and joy, where every detail reflected her commitment to perfection.
But beyond the impeccable planning, what truly stood out was the warmth and genuine care Isabella extended towards us.
Her approach went beyond the typical planner-client relationship, blossoming into a friendship that we cherish deeply.
Her involvement was a testament to her commitment to not just meet, but exceed our expectations, making our special day a reflection of our love and journey together.
In Isabella, we found not just a wedding planner, but a friend for life, a person whose kindness and dedication will always be a significant part of our story."

Thank you so much,
Carrie and Scott


Taormina, Friday 6 October 2023
Barbara and Daniel, Tranent, Scotland

A Fairytale Come True
"If you are planning a wedding in Sicily then look no further than Wedding in Sicily Taormina.
We are a couple from Scotland/Poland and we were looking to get married in Sicily as a neutral and stunning venue for our families.
Having called a couple of wedding planners in Sicily, we thought that they were distant and very corporate.
But we couldn’t believe our luck when we stumbled across Isabella’s website.
Our idea was for a very intimate but beautiful service for 22 guests.
Isabella understood our concept straight away and she walked us through all the contacts we would need to make it happen, within our budget.
From the local florist, to the English-speaking priest, paperwork with the church, transport, the hairdresser and photographer, Isabella navigated us through it all.
From the very first meeting, Isabella came across as a very calm and composed wedding planner who really knows her market.
We had numerous consultations and discussions before arriving in Sicily and Isabella was always happy to make time for us, to ensure we are on the right track with all the various parts of the wedding.
We didn’t realise how challenging the whole plan would be until we arrived in Sicily and we can’t describe the relief we felt when we met Isabella in person.
She gave us a warm welcome and we knew we were in safe hands!
She was also very accommodating and patient towards not just us but both our families, happy to deal with any additional arrangements or even emergencies (and we did have a couple!).
Our wedding day really was a fairytale come true.
We couldn’t believe that the vision we had for so many months became a reality.
The execution was faithful to the very smallest of details we had planned.
Isabella suggested the Sicilian folk band for after the service would be a good idea, and it turned out to be an amazing experience for us and the entire family.
The restaurant she also suggested for us turned out to be the best food we ate in all our time in Italy!
All the suppliers (church, florist, baker, transport, hairdresser, photographer, restaurant, musicians) were incredible and exceeded all our expectations.
We are both composed people, however we couldn’t believe how nervous and stressed we were on the day.
Isabella effortlessly took control of the proceedings, allowing us to enjoy the most beautiful day of our lives."

We cannot recommend and thank her enough,
Barbara and Daniel


Taormina, Saturday 30 September 2023
Vivian and Philippe, Ottawa, Canada

"Isabella was a fantastic wedding planner and we cannot recommend her highly enough!

She was delightful to work with and took care of every single little logistical detail for our wedding in Taormina – from organizing the voluminous paperwork required to get legally married as Canadian citizens in Italy, to booking the photographer and venue!

And fantastic restaurant for the rehearsal dinner!

To preparing (and delivering to the hotel!) lovely little welcome bags for all of our guests.

Our wedding in Taormina was perfect and completely stress-free to arrange, since Isabella so capably took care of all the logistics.

Upon arrival in Italy, all we had to do was enjoy the ceremony, the scenery and the fantastic parties with our family and friends."

Thank you, Isabella
Viv and Phil


Graniti, Saturday 23 September 2023
Scott and Austin, Vashon, Washington, USA

"We knew we wanted to get married in Sicily, but we didn’t know where exactly.
But the most important factor was to find someone who we would feel comfortable working with while navigating the complexities of a same-sex civil union in Italy.
We knew we wanted to work with Isabella in the first 5 minutes of meeting with her.
Throughout the whole process, she kept us informed, updated, and most importantly welcomed.
Isabella went above and beyond for us in so many ways to make sure that we had an incredible and memorable wedding!
She helped us find a fantastic venue that could accommodate at least 75 guests and all of the vendors we needed.
Moreover, she helped us navigate the process of getting legally married in Italy (and this process has many parts to it).
And when rain and wind threatened to ruin our plans of an outdoor reception, she worked with the staff at the venue to quickly move things inside.
She is the epitome of Sicilian hospitality and an absolute delight to work with!"

We truly could not have had the wedding of our dreams without her!
Scott and Austin


Taormina, Monday 18 September 2023
Marree and Salvatore, Melbourne, Australia

"Isabella made the impossible possible, she made our dream wedding come true, to be honest it was even more perfect that we could have imagined.
Despite the distance and the different timezones, given that we live in Australia, everything was so easy with Isabella.
From the very beginning she provided clear and concise communication for all decisions big and small.
Isabella listened to all of our wishes and managed to cater for all of them.
Despite us at times asking a million questions Isabella endeavoured to answer them all and make us feel at ease.
Isabella was very considerate of our budget and offered us many different options that were in line with our vision.
The vendors and services that Isabella organised were all very professional and helpful not to mention how accommodating and kind they were.
Isabella was truly a godsend allowing us to enjoy our special day without a care in the world, she managed the day and the lead up so we could focus on our special moment.
She provided important guidance especially with paperwork that we needed and made it all a seamless process.
Many people asked us if we were stressed or how we managed to create such a special day all the way from Australia, the truth is that without Isabella none of it would've been possible.
Isabella's kindness, professionalism and experience was one of a kind and we can't thank her enough for what was the best day and night of our lives."

We can’t thank you enough!
Marree and Salvatore


Taormina, Thursday 14 September 2023
Paulina and Jacob, Sydney, Australia

"Isabella is fantastic!
One would think that planning a wedding is a stressful process, not with Isabella! She made our wedding planning a walk in the park!
From the very first video chat we knew she would make our dream Italian wedding a reality.

And she DID!

Her positive and upbeat attitude combined with composure and calmness always put our minds at ease and helped us get through the planning process with a smile.
Isabella works with a great network of vendors who are experts in their fields.
She is incredibly respected by people she works with, which is not surprising given how professional and organised she is.
We will always be grateful to Isabella and cannot recommend her enough!"

Thank you,
Paulina and Jacob


Taormina, Saturday 2 September 2023
Sara and William, Nashville, USA

"Words can’t not even begin to describe how perfect our Taormina wedding was.
The entire week and wedding day are memories that my husband and I will cherish forever.
None of my dreams would’ve been a reality if it wasn’t for Isabella.
Planning an international wedding had its own hurdles, but Isabella made sure the entire wedding planning process was as easy as possible for me.
From helping choose location, vendors, scheduling, etc- she made all of our Italian wedding dreams come to life!
I cannot recommend her enough if you are planning an wedding in Taormina.
She has so many relationships and partnerships throughout the city that make your vendor process so seamless and easy.
My husband and I are already talking about when we can renew our vows in Taormina one day and we will absolutely be requesting Isabella for her help and expertise.
She is a professional, kind, caring, and very patient.
My family already misses Isabella and we cannot wait to visit our favorite piece of paradise with the BEST people and hospitality."

Thank you so much,
Sara and William Marletta


Taormina, Sunday 9 July 2023
Monika and Nunzio, Canberra, Australia

"We couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding day, and it's all thanks to Isabella!
From the moment we met her, we knew we were in capable hands.
Isabella's attention to detail and her passion for what she does were evident throughout the entire planning process.
In July, we celebrated our marriage in Taormina, my hometown, where I was born and raised.
It was a dream come true, and Isabella played a crucial role in making it all happen seamlessly.
She was not just a wedding planner; she became a friend who genuinely cared about making our day special.
Isabella took charge of everything, from the stunning decorations that transformed Villa Mon Repos into a fairytale setting to the delicious food that left our guests raving.
She handled every aspect of the day with professionalism, grace, and a warm smile.
On the wedding day itself, Isabella's presence was a calming influence.
She ensured that everything ran smoothly, allowing us to relax and savor every moment.
The day went off without a hitch, and we are incredibly grateful for her expertise.
We can't thank Isabella enough for her dedication, creativity, and the love she poured into our wedding.
It was truly a day to remember, and we have Isabella to thank for making it so special.
If you're looking for a wedding planner who will go above and beyond to make your dreams come true, Isabella is the one.
We highly recommend her to anyone looking to create their perfect wedding day."

With heartfelt gratitude,
Monika and Nunzio


Taormina, Tuesday 20 June 2023
Shana and Jack, Essex, UK

"Upon deciding to get married abroad, the excitement of experiencing what should be one of the best days of your life can sometimes be overshadowed by the stress and anxiety of all the worries of what might go wrong.
However, we are so glad we found Isabella.
From the very beginning of our planning adventure she made us feel confident we were in the right hands.
Her attention to detail aligned with the way we wanted our wedding to be. There was simply nothing she wasn’t willing to help us with to make us feel comfortable.
The interaction we had was always prompt and insightful.
She took the lead to create the day we shared that exceeded our expectations. Perfect was an understatement.
Whilst she was in full control in a faraway place we felt that our wants and needs were attended to.
We had plenty of information regarding our entire trip and that allowed us to make decisions we were happy with.
Beyond our wedding day, her attentiveness when we got to Sicily was incredible.
No task too big or too small. She helped our whole wedding party feel welcomed and assured wherever necessary.
We had a few concerns with my husbands luggage not arriving and accommodation being unavailable for our guests that were out of our control and Isabella’s control also.
However, she took these concerns on her shoulders and did everything to help us solve these issues.
During my husbands wedding speech he highlighted Isabella as an absolute star and that is somewhat an understatement.
We hope she realises how happy we are with what she has done for us."

Thank you so much.
Anyone who puts their trust in Isabella in future will not be disappointed!
Shana and Jack


Taormina, Sunday 11 June 2023
Simone and Darren, Bilambil Heights, Australia

"Daz and I are based in Australia and decided to plan a small elopement ceremony in Sicily.
We chose Taormina as this is a place very close to my heart being of Italian heritage.
Even though I speak Italian it can be very hard to coordinate things from overseas.
So we decided to reach out to Isabella after finding her profile online.
From the first email, Isabella stood out from all of the other planners who I had tried to get in contact with.
Isabella was very engaging and attentive to what we were looking for.
We were provided multiple locations and services within our budget and meeting our needs.
Our magical day was held at Sparviero Luxury Suites Taormina.
Isabella shared several photos of the location and when we arrived we were so impressed, it was literally our dream setting.
Isabella helped arrange flowers for the ceremony which were beautiful, I even took my bouquet around Sicily after the wedding!
My hair and makeup artists also did an amazing job.
She also recommend a wonderful restaurant to spend our evening at with our loved ones.
Our ceremony was very intimate and Isabella made everyone feel welcome."

Isabella, thank you for helping us make our dream a reality in Taormina,
Sim and Daz


Taormina, Monday 29 May 2023
Jennifer and Laurence, Derbyshire, UK

"'We first visited Taormina in 2017 to attend a concert in the ancient amphitheater, and fantasised if we were ever to get married it would be here!
All our favourite people, in our favourite place! Never did we imagine it would be everything we dreamed of and more!
Isabella was warm and friendly from our first email, and so lovely to get on with in person.
We visited the year before we were due to get married and Isabella showed us the most stunning places, but above all got us exactly what we wanted, things we could only dream of having for our special day!
Isabella helped inform us of the legal and religious documents we needed, inspired us with flowers and table decorations and was always on hand but never overbearing.
Our wedding day was simply perfect due to Isabella's professionalism, our family and friends were stunned and joyous on our special day, a time no one will forget.
Everyone thanked Isabella for her hard work, in the lead up, and throughout the whole day.
We are very grateful and fortunate to have met Isabella and wish her and her family all the happiness for the future.
We are looking forward to visiting Time Out and seeing Isabella and Tony again soon!!"

Love and best wishes always,
Jennifer and Laurence


Taormina, Friday 19 May 2023
Sophie and Danny, Ordington, UK

"When discussing wedding ideas with my now husband 😊 we knew it would be abroad and ideally Italy.
I suggested Taormina since I had been there before on holiday, and knew it could be the perfect place for us to get married.
After a quick google search for wedding planners, and having read previous testimonials, I reached out to Isabella.
We exchanged a few emails, had a phone call, and then I booked a trip out there to meet Isabella to see the wedding venue and restaurant options (any excuse for another holiday).
Isabella spent a few hours with us showing us different options for our requirements and understanding the relaxed wedding vibe we wanted.
Once we were home, we made the decision to book, and with only 8 months before our date, we didn’t have long!
Isabella handled the entire process seamlessly, from the flowers, to the cake, the legal documentation, the restaurant and the saxophonist.
Isabella is very responsive on email, WhatsApp; nothing is too much trouble.
Our wedding day was everything we could have wished for and more – and this is certainly down to Isabella’s professionalism and also her just being a lovely, kind and warm person."

Grazie Mille Isabella! x
Sophie and Danny


Taormina, Sunday 14 May 2023
Samantha and Nigel, Filey, UK

"Thank you Isabella for the most magical day.

I knew from when I first met you that we were in good hands and that we could trust in you to guide us through the process of getting married in Taormina.

Living in England you ensured all the timings were right to plan the legalities in readiness for our special day.

The ceremony was beautiful as was the setting and it will always be the best day of my life.

Taormina will be forever in my heart and if anyone wishes to get married there they should have you Isabella to do it.

A million thank you's."

Best wishes,
Mrs Samantha Whaling x


Taormina, Friday 14 April 2023
Victoria and Kevin, California, USA

"Our wedding would not have been a success without the amazing, knowledgeable, and expert wedding planner that is Isabella.
As an American couple temporarily living in Sicily, our goal was to have a fun church wedding before we left to give our relatives in the US and Philippines a reason to visit us in Italy.
Once we decided we wanted to have our church wedding in beautiful Taormina, we reached out to multiple wedding planners.
Isabella was the only one to respond back to us transparently and share her prices.
From that moment on we knew she would be the wedding planner for us.
Isabella helped us with all aspects of our wedding weekend: from picking the perfect church and a beautiful reception venue, assisting us with a complicated religious paperwork process, arranging transportation for ourselves and our guests throughout their visit, finding suitable accommodations, and planning a welcome pizza dinner and extra excursions post-wedding.
Throughout this process Isabella was in constant communication with us via e-mail and WhatsApp.
She answered our numerous questions in a timely manner (we were often the ones taking forever to respond!), took into consideration our budget and found discounts where she could, always considered our ridiculous requests (e.g., when we wanted a Photo Booth and a cheese wheel tower last minute), and provided great advice, expertise, and her honest opinion when we were indecisive (which happened quite a lot).
And during instances when our requests could not be met—but not without her sincere effort to accommodate—she was straightforward with us and offered alternatives.
Her connections with reputable, high quality vendors that we could have never found on our own was invaluable.
She even directed me to an atelier in downtown Catania (and even offered to accompany me) to find my wedding dress.
Beyond wedding planning, Isabella was friendly, welcoming, and always fun to be around.
When we first strolled the streets of Taormina together looking for potential churches, multiple locals greeted her along the way-an indication of how well connected she is within the local community.
She even treated us to gelato at a shop that is now our favorite gelato place in Taormina and made dinner reservations for us on other visits.
Call it fate, but we also realized that the pub we visited on our first trip to Taormina is owned by her and her husband!
Due to Isabella’s hard work and great organizational skills, our wedding day was smooth sailing.
Everything ran according to schedule, and most importantly, we all had a great, stress-free, and lively time.
We’ve had multiple guests tell us that our wedding was one of the best they’ve attended, and some even said they felt like they were in a movie during our procession down Corso Umberto!
We sincerely cannot emphasize enough how much Isabella was key to making this all happen.
Any couple would be lucky to have Isabella as their Taormina wedding planner."

Thanks so much,
Victoria and Kevin