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Paperwork in Italy can often be a daunting task so what exactly do you need to know?
As wedding planners we have a wealth of experience in dealing with many foreign couples and their countries rules and regulations to enable you to marry in Italy.

Things that you really need to know:
If you have been married before you will be required to present your previous marriage certificate(s) and Decree Absolute(s) depending on how many times you have been married before and if you are a widow or widower you will need to produce the death certificate and marriage certificate for your previous spouse. Everyone getting married in Italy will need a Nulla Osta or Certificate of Non Impediment which is issued by the registry office in your country. They are only valid for 6 months but we will let you know when you need to start the paperwork as applying for them too early will mean that you will have to do the whole thing all over again.
You will need two witnesses who must be 18 years of age or over. If you do not have any guests at your wedding that can act as witnesses we can provide them for you.
A civil wedding ceremony is conducted in Italian so you will need an official interpreter for this. Wedding in Sicily offers an Interpreter service.
At least 2 days prior to the wedding there is Verbal Declaration at the town hall where you are going to get married, this is where your documents will be filed and where you confirm there are no impediments to the marriage according to the Italian Civil Code.
So don’t be put off. We will inform what your individual requirements are so you can get married in Italy.