ello to all couples,
My name is Tony and Taormina is my hometown, this is where I live and work with my wife Isabella who is from Australia.
I own and run a local pub and bistro which I opened in 1981 which throughout the years has become a meeting point for tourists and locals who come and holiday in our gorgeous little town. Owning a pub has given me the opportunity to meet and liaise with many foreign people and that's how it all began.
This is a brief summary:
An Irish couple, named Lydia and Brian, who had become regular customers came in and sat at the bar one evening and I noticed that Lydia looked a bit upset so I asked why and she replied "We just got engaged!!" I exclaimed Wow!! You should be happy then! "And she said: "Yes I am and Brian asked me to marry him here in Taormina!!" Again I replied: "Wow!! That is so romantic!!" She said yes, it is!! But when we went to gather the necessary information today, we quickly realised that it is all so complicated since we don't speak the language so it is impossible for us to get married here and it is not going to happen.
It's just too complicated!!" At that point I was really moved, so I offered to accompany them the following day to see if I could help them in any way possible to organize their wedding here in Taormina. Well, after a few hours of hearing "It's not going to happen!",
it became "Yes, yes, yes! There is going to be a wedding here soon!"
During the months and in the following years and mostly through word of mouth, foreign couples came to visit me in Taormina, telling me how stunning it is here and asking me to organize their wedding too.
We have been organizing many many Irish, British and foreign weddings in general.
I would say that the main difference between ourselves and most of the other planners is that we are based in Taormina, therefore 100 % personal service is guaranteed.
Your requests and the organization of your wedding will be co-ordinated directly by us.

We are here to help you make your dream come true.